Friday, 24 March 2017

Poster - Third Draft

I changed the photo because the cropping in the last photo was really hard to do due to the background. Also, I have changed the typography.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beauty and The Beast 2017

 I love the way that the trailers of the 1991 film and 2017 are very similar, it adds that authentic touch and helps its original audience connect with the film too. 

What everyone is talking about...

Friday, 24 February 2017

Draft One - Magazine Review

I'm rather happy with this as a first draft however I feel it looks rather bare in some places and I want to try and improve the text to make it sound more professional. On a positive note, I like the layout and typography as I think it is suiting. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I really feel like audio really affects the way you view a film, if the audio doesn't suit the film it can almost turn it into a mockery. For the first part of my short film where Joe is in the forest I wanted quite a thriller tense piece of music to make the audience confused but also helping to immerse them into the action instantly. I found audio from "", originally I wasn't sure if I liked this music as i didn't know if it suited the action or created tension within the audience, but after asking my focus group what they thought i decided to stick with it because they said it was 'thrilling' and 'tense'. I wanted a sadder, more melancholy piece of music for the scene where Joe goes in the house and discovers the newspapers and the back story to why the world is like this is completely revealed. I went through a lot of music before I found some audio that I really liked by Mattia Cupelli. I think for the final part of my film I need a third bit of music as when Joe runs up the stairs I want the action to pick up again and I feel that the slow, sad music doesn't fit, especially as I want the ending to be a surprise. At the very end of the film I have included a sound effect to create tension and suspense when he shoots himself.

Sad Music:

Possible Third Piece of Audio:

Monday, 6 February 2017

Draft One - Abandoned

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  • Tighter edits to make the film shorter. 
  • People were confused why Joe got food then killed himself, so maybe I could cut that out all together.
  • Change shots according to the beat to make it look slick.
  • Export file properly to make it look less grainy. 
  • Maybe when Joe goes into the kitchen there could be a radio broadcast adding to the backdrop. 
  • Definitely add a voiceover to aid the story. 
  • Maybe include a third piece of audio at the end when Joe runs up the stairs to increase the pace as the action is picking up.
  • Make my own newspapers to add to the mise-en-scene.