Thursday, 29 December 2016

Summary of Film Research

Image result for the present short filmAfter watching many thriller films and particularly analyzing the plot, I was really intrigued by the film 'The Girl On The Train' as I thought the concept of the plot was gripping, the information is revealed slowly and carefully to make the audiences' perceptions of the characters different to the actual outcome. Many of the films I watched had very gripping plots, it helped to keep the audience attached to the action. The films I liked the most were the films that made you think, but also that were able to manipulate your opinion into thinking one thing, but then crushing it with the truth. For example, the short film 'The Present' is clever in the way that the audience thinks the boy is moody and a very stereotypical young boy who just wants to play his video game, then when he gets the puppy he throws it aside which makes the audience angry, however, it is only at the end we realize why the boy is so moody and sad, and we sympathize for his character as we judged him without even knowing the full story.

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